Impact Grant for Deaf Organizations – CLOSED

The application period for Impact Grant for Deaf Organizations’ $25K unrestricted funding is closed. Selected grantees will be funded in January 2024.

Grant Overview

To build a future in which deaf communities have access to a wide array of services provided by thriving, well-resourced organizations, Deaf Organizations Fund (DOF) seeks to provide unrestricted grant funds to support four to six deaf-centric organizations’ areas of greatest need.

DOF’s Impact Grant for Deaf Organizations (referred to as “Impact Grant”) may be used as needed for deaf-centric nonprofits to meet their missions. The $10,000 – $25,000 award is intended to be utilized within a one-year grant period and is designed to fund a variety of projects, prioritizing deaf-centric organizations that serve the most marginalized populations within our deaf communities.

Selected grantees will be funded in January 2024.

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Grant Announcement Video

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Grant Announcement Video

Watch Application Instructions in ASL

View Application in English PDF

View Application in Spanish PDF


What types of organizations are eligible?

Any deaf-centric organization serving deaf communities can apply as long as it is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or has a fiscal sponsor that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the IRS.

Deaf Organizations Fund defines deaf-centric as: at least 50% of the organization’s leadership (e.g., the executive director, staff, advisory committee, and/or governing boards) identify as members of deaf communities. The organization must also primarily work with members of the deaf communities. 

What is an unrestricted grant?

An unrestricted grant is funding that supports the overall mission of an organization There are no rules governing how the grant dollars are spent, as long as the spending aligns with the organization’s mission and operations. Applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal that outlines your organization’s area(s) of greatest need.

What do you not fund?

We will not fund individuals, event sponsorships, or capital projects (such as construction, renovation or physical expansion).

Is there a maximum request for funding?

The maximum request for funding is $25,000.

Can an organization submit more than one proposal?

We encourage organizations to submit one application addressing their area(s) of greatest need.

Can I review the application questions before I begin applying?

Yes, yes you can! Below, you can access our questions via PDF download in English or Spanish, or via video in American Sign Language (ASL). 

How do I submit my application in American Sign Language (ASL)?

You can answer some or all questions under the following sections in ASL: Organization Overview, Proposal, and Optional Questions.  

To submit an ASL response to a question, you should insert a YouTube URL link of a filmed video response under the specific question that is being answered. You must follow the time restrictions for the video: 

  • Overview Questions: 1.5-minute video per question
  • Proposal Questions: 3-minute video per question 
  • Optional Questions: 1-minute video per question
How can I invite other people to work on the grant application with me?

You can invite others to assist with your application by making them a “collaborator” via the Submittable application portal. At the top of your application portal, click on the “Invite Collaborator” link and send the link to the individuals you want to work with on the grant application. By collaborating with others, you can simultaneously work and review the application together, but you – the account holder – will be the only person who can submit the application when ready. 

What are some key tips for setting up and navigating my Submittable account?

If awarded, the Submittable account holder will also be the only one with the ability to submit the required financial information along with the interim and final reports on the Submittable platform. If you are someone why may not be able to submit such post-award materials (e.g., a grant writer), we highly recommend that you use a shared or general organizational email address when setting up your Submittable account  

What are the anticipated reporting requirements?

Grantees will submit a brief interim report halfway through their project and a brief final report at the completion of the project. The 3 to 5 questions on these reports can be accessed in American Sign Language, English, and Spanish; grantees may also respond to the questions in these three languagesGrantees can also choose to participate in a video meeting to answer reporting questions in lieu of submitting written or pre-recorded video responses Grantees are also invited to optionally participate in at least one video-based meeting with a DOF team member for support, progress sharing, and other dialogue as needed.  

Lastly, organizations receiving funding will be asked to share a testimonial via ASL video or written English/Spanish of what they have accomplished and how the money has been spent.

What are the evaluation criteria of this grant application?
  • Meets eligibility requirements 
  • Sufficient information provided in application to make informed decision 
  • Evaluation rubric can be found here 
    • Impact: The alignment between the organization’s proposal to its mission and community they serve. 
    • Equity: The degree to which the organization strives to center in their work the experiences and wisdom of deaf community members who have less access to power and representation, or marginalized deaf communities historically excluded from opportunities.   
    • Community leadership: The extent to which the organization’s leadership, staff, board, and volunteers are reflective of the communities they serve. 
    • Feasibility: The applicant’s ability to meet the goals outlined in their proposal 

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