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COVID-19 Relief Funds

March 30, 2020

COVID-19 Relief Funds

March 30, 2020
March 30, 2020

NOTE: The application process for this relief funding cycle has ended. If you would like to be notified when our next funding cycle starts please fill out this form.

Has your organization been impacted by COVID-19 and in need of relief funding?

COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of many, especially marginalized populations and the organizations that serve them. Are you an organization that is struggling with resources, managing funds, or adapting your services as a result of COVID-19? Then you may be eligible for relief funding through the Unites Foundation’s new micro-grant.

The funds from this micro-grant are intended to support non-profit organizations that are struggling with resources, managing funds, or adapting services as a result of the Coronavirus. This may include organizations that supply basic needs, including, but not limited to, food, relief from rent and other household expenses, and access to healthcare.

Foundation Award Information
Estimated Award Amount:
Award amounts will vary, as determined by the scope of the projects. Unites Foundation encourages relief funding requests in the range of $1,000- $10,000. Unites Foundation reserves the right to fund requests, in full or part, and specifics will be resolved the clarification process as applicable.
Provision for funding may be made for retroactive expenses given that such costs are a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Retroactive expenses apply to costs incurred between March 1st, 2020 and the effective funding start date of the grant. Relief funding for retroactive expenses is subject to approval at the discretion of the Unites Foundation.  The Foundation and CSD will not assume any responsibility for any costs should a change in funding occur. Please attach supporting documents and receipts to your application. 
Project Period:
Unites Foundation will make an initial award for up to one-year project period.  Continuation awards for subsequent years are not guaranteed; they depend upon the availability of funds and satisfactory performance.
Important Dates:
Applications are due: April 15, 2020
Successful applicants will be notified on April 25, 2020
Successful applicants will be awarded on or around May 1, 2020

Application Process

Step 1: Assess Eligibility
Applicants must:
Be a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code, OR: Have a fiscal sponsor that has 501(c)3 status and provides written authorization confirming its willingness to act as the fiscal sponsor.
Engage in the work that aligns with the Foundation’s relief funding interest and priorities as listed in the Grant Priority Areas above.
Applications for one-time event sponsorship or fundraisers will not be accepted.

Step 2: Submit An Application
A completed application must be submitted by midnight (23:59:59) Central Time on April 15, 2020.

Step 3: Application Review
All eligible grant applications reviewed by the Foundation after the submission deadline.  After the review is complete, winning applicants will be notified via email by April 25, 2020. Winning applicants may be invited to a videoconference with the Foundation prior to being awarded funding. Grants are expected to be funded on or around May 1, 2020.
Please note: The Unites Foundation does require a social impact grant report upon completion of project. We may request for interim progress reports and testimonials during the life of the grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions
Sasha and Kriston sat down to discuss some commonly asked questions about the application process. You can watch the video here!
How Do We Apply for Relief Funding?
Guideline and submission details can be found above in the Application Process section. Steps include:
1. Assess Eligibility
2. Submit Application
3. Application Review

Take a look at our mock application to get a better understanding of what we’re looking for. You can apply here.

What Kind of Projects Do You Fund?
Currently, under this funding cycle, we make grants to 501(c)3 organizations or their fiscal sponsor with 501(c)3 who are dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19 and its impact on their operations. We will also support 501(c)3 organizations that are supporting marginalized communities that have been impacted by COVID-19 or are at a greater risk. To ensure you receive a notification when future funding cycles open, be sure to join our mailing list or follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

How Large Are Your Grants?
Unites Foundation encourages funding requests in the range of $1,000- $10,000.   

What Are the Deadlines?
All grant applications need to be submitted by midnight (23:59:59) Central Time on April 15, 2020.  

Do You Fund Operating Expenses?
Yes, the Foundation allows requests for general operating expenses.

What Won't The Foundation Fund?
We will not fund:

  • Individuals
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Capital Projects

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