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Deaf communities count on deaf-centric organizations for numerous uniquely accessible services.

These organizations are counting on all of us to revolutionize grantmaking.

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2024 Dash a Success!

This year’s Dash for Deaf Organizations has ended, with a total of over $11,600 raised in support of deaf-centric nonprofits nationwide.

We thank all Dashers, MANOS3Nation ambassadors, sponsors, fundraisers, and donors for their incredible support!

2024 Dash a Success!

This year’s Dash for Deaf Organizations has ended, with a total of over $11,600 raised in support of deaf-centric nonprofits nationwide.

We thank all Dashers, MANOS3Nation ambassadors, sponsors, fundraisers, and donors for their incredible support!

What does Deaf Organizations Fund do with my donation?

We are committed to providing equitable access to funding and resources. Your donation can go directly to our annual Impact Grant or to our endowment fund. Alternatively, you can leave it up to us to direct your donation where it’s needed most today.

Impact Grant for Deaf Organizations

Your donation increases the power of our annual Impact Grants. Your dollars are distributed across multiple incredible organizations working with deaf communities across the country. This is a great option for those interested in making an immediate impact.

Endowment Fund

Your donation helps grow our endowment, which ensures the stability of Deaf Organizations Fund for years to come. Your contribution here enables us to consistently make grants, develop resources for deaf-centric nonprofits, and advocate for accessible grantmaking across the philanthropic sector.

Reflections from DOF Grantees


Aracelia is a Latinx woman with long dark curly hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is wearing a velvet short sleeved top that is black with white dots. She is seated in front of a plain white wall.


DeafHope is committed to healing communities, ending violence through transformative, community-based strategies. Deaf Organizations Fund is a critical partner in our work.

With a shared language and cultural understanding, they are able to support deaf services in unique ways. They are also implementing innovative, restorative approaches to philanthropy with potential to generate widespread change.

This includes removing barriers to the application process, making it simple and accessible. They make grant reporting about connection and deep understanding of the work they are funding, without putting any burden on us. These strategies allow us to focus on the important work they are funding, rather than the work of grant management.

Deaf Organizations Fund is setting a new standard in philanthropic leadership and we are very grateful for this new approach and change in traditional expectations in funding for organizations.

Diana Pryntz, Executive Director, is a white deaf woman with shoulder length, curly brown with a bit of gray hair, wearing dark purple glasses and a black v-neck blouse. There is a blue wall behind her. She is seated on a chair that is red with black lines partially visible.


Deaf Refugee Advocacy (DRA) in Rochester, NY provides services: education and case management for deaf people that settle here from other countries.

As the executive director for DRA, it is my responsibility to seek monies to support our mission. Filling out grant paperwork is a routine task that I must do.

DOF’s application process and requirements is really unique because everything is in ASL, which is really special.

There were two significant benefits from my experiences to applying to DOF.

1 – There was no need to explain the impact of our deafness, language acquisition, or language deprivation. Instead, I was able to focus on our organization’s financial needs.

2- We had direct communication with DOF. There was no need for interpreters and no concern if the ASL interpreter was translating the information properly.

Overall it was a real pleasure to be able to work directly with DOF to obtain the needed funds; I really appreciate that wonderful and unique organization.

Lee Ann Tang (she, her, hers), CEO, is a light-skinned Asian American Deaf woman with long auburn hair wearing a light gray polo shirt with the Asian Signers logo on the top left. She is standing in front of a blue wall with gold border.
Justin Cha (he, him, his), Director of Operations, is a light-skinned Korean deaf male with short black hair, wearing silver-framed glasses and a light gray polo shirt with the Asian Signers logo on the top left. He is standing in front of a black background.


Lee Ann: Asian Signers is an Asian-owned and Deaf-led nonprofit organization focusing on education and elevating diverse representations of Asians and Asian Americans in ASL. Asian Signers is based in the United States.

Our organization’s platform includes providing access to signed educational content, such as Asian literature for youth. Our relationship with diverse Asian communities has strengthened the visibility of the Asian Deaf mosaic!
Justin: The DOF grant allowed our organization to continue to be able to work collaboratively using teamwork applications like Slack; to receive professional development training, such as anti-racism; and to obtain necessary tools and software to support creating content in ASL.
Our rapport with DOF has been a blissful experience because they can fully understand Deaf-centric professionals. They’ve also been a great support to organizations of color like us – supporting us in raising the bar, overcoming our invisibility, as well as tapping into our diverse Asian diaspora network.

In addition, their check-ins and interactions with us have been amazing, such as discussing our reports and sharing tips with us.
Lee Ann: The experience and process of receiving a grant from DOF was very smooth. One thing we were impressed with is the language inclusiveness and choices: written English, Spanish, and ASL. We were very surprised and grateful that we were one of the selected grantees. What we liked the most is that we had the opportunity to video meet to be able to discuss the grant agreement and later aspects of the grant. We felt comfortable asking questions without hesitation. The agreement was very clear and transparent.

Justin: We continue to challenge ourselves in learning how to operate, to manage a grant, and to sustain our organization using a healthy approach. With the DOF grant, it opens our eyes to think about what our goals are for the next five years.. Or the next 10 years.”

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