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Please note that if you made a one-time donation in the past, you’ll need to sign up again to participate this year. All biweekly donations will roll over annually unless communicated otherwise to us. Not sure if you’re currently enrolled? Learn more here.

“Strong organizations are the backbones of strong communities.”

Please note that this video references CSD Unites Community Foundation, which is now known as Deaf Organizations Fund, fiscally sponsored by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Communication Service for the Deaf.

What is Deaf Organizations Fund?

Deaf Organizations Fund (DOF) is a subsidiary of CSD with a mission of strengthening organizations working with deaf communities. These incredible nonprofits work on the front lines, providing critical services to our communities. DOF provides accessible grants and other resources to deaf-centric organizations.

What is Employee Giving?

Employee Giving (EG) provides you with an easy way to support multiple organizations! When you sign up, a tax-deductible donation of your choosing is deducted automatically from your paycheck. You can make a one-time donation, or contribute with each paycheck. EG dollars are directed to DOF’s efforts to strengthen deaf-centric nonprofits.

We appreciate you!

Exclusive EG Shirt for January – December 2024

Every dollar donated via Employee Giving (EG) positively impacts multiple deaf-centric nonprofits across the country.

And, if your gift meets IRS requirements, we’ll send you a token of our appreciation!

CSD National/Admin team members get an exclusive t-shirt with a new design each year; CCC team members have the option to choose from the t-shirt or attendance points reduction. 

To receive a t-shirt for participating in EG, the following minimums in calendar year 2024 are required: 

  • $2.25 per biweekly paycheck 
  • $58.50 one-time donation  

Our Shared Impact


In Total Grants




Serve Deaf Communites


When you sign up via our form, your information is relayed to the Finance team. They will ensure that your gift is automatically deducted from your paycheck in the amount and timeframe that you specify. All biweekly contributions will roll over annually; you can make changes anytime using the Update form.

Yes, they are tax-deductible. You will receive a calendar year-end tax acknowledgment letter from us informing you of your total amount contributed.
The amount and frequency with which you donate is totally up to you. We appreciate every single contribution! Please note there are minimum amounts established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to allow us to send you perks as appreciation for your participation. In 2023, this requirement translates to $2.25 per biweekly paycheck, or $58.50 total/one-time gift.

Use the Sign Up form if you’ve never been part of EG before, or if you made a one-time donation last year. One-time donations don’t roll over from year to year, as we cannot assume you want to make the same contribution at the same time annually. Please fill out the Sign Up form if this applies to you!  

Use the Update form if you made biweekly EG donations last calendar year, and you’d like to continue albeit with some updates to your personal information (mailing address, email address, shirt size, amount or timeframe of donation). Biweekly donations will roll over each year unless you make any changes via the Update form, which can be done at any time. You can also reach out to to modify your donations. 

If you are a biweekly EG donor, go into Paylocity and visit the Self Service Portal. Click on the Pay section; choose the most recent pay date. Click on “Deductions” and look down the list to “Employee Giving.” You will see how much was deducted from that particular paycheckand also the amount you’ve contributed since the beginning of the calendar year up to now.

(click on graphic to enlarge image)

If nothing shows up under the “Employee Giving” section of your recent paycheck, you are most likely a one-time donor. Please reach out to our team (donate@csd.orgto confirm, and to find out the amount and timing of your most recent one-time donation.  

If you signed up as a biweekly donor, there is no need to sign up again each year since your enrollment will roll over automatically. You can always make changes via the Update Your Info form. If you’ve never participated, or if you previously made a one-time donation, you do need to sign up again each calendar year using the Sign Up form.

The update form can be accessed anytime throughout the year here. In that form, you can make changes to your donation amount, frequency, and/or stop participating if needed. 

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If you have questions or would like to discuss the Employee Giving program with someone from the DOF team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Deaf Organizations Fund, formerly known as CSD Unites Community Foundation, is fiscally sponsored by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD).
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