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Impending Behavioral Health Crisis in the Deaf Community

September 26, 2020

Impending Behavioral Health Crisis in the Deaf Community

September 26, 2020
September 26, 2020

A Discussion on Behavioral Health

Panel Discussion on Behavioral Health in the Deaf Community

In celebration of Deaf Awareness Month, CaringWorks‘ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Residential Treatment program hosted a conversation between industry experts about the impending behavioral health crisis in the deaf community.

Sasha Ponappa, Director of CSD Unites, moderated the discussion between industry experts who shared their thoughts on:

  • Barriers the deaf community faces when seeking behavioral health care (found at 6 minutes)
  • Ethical considerations that should be made when working with deaf and hard of hearing clients (found at 19 minutes, 20 seconds)
  • The impact that COVID-19 has had on access to healthcare – and access in general – for the Deaf community (found at 25 minutes, 20 seconds)
  • What behavioral health care will look like going forward (found at 51 minutes, 5 seconds)

Watch the CaringWorks Panel

Do you know someone who needs behavioral health services? 

If you know homeless men in need of behavioral health services at no cost to them, please do not hesitate to contact CaringWorks Hope House, or to share their contact information with that individual. Hope House has a room waiting for them and they do not need to be insured. 

CaringWorks Hope House D/HH Program

Voice: 404-564-4181

VP: 404-937-7007


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